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It's a little early for a class schedule but I can tell you this much:

Friday night will be settling yourself in, maybe sit by a fire outdoors or in, or play some games at the Sea Dragon!

Classes will begin after breakfast on Saturday. Breakfast is 7:30-8:30. There are 6 classrooms with 5 categories:

Wood & Metal & Flame

wood carving, furniture making, glass beads, make a knife and the list goes on!

Brush & Quill

anything with illumination and calligraphy. We have some special guests from Aethelmearc to teach some classes!!!!!

Ladles, Libations & Games

anything in the kitchen or garden, including mead/beer making and would include games. Dances, too, if there is a teacher!

Fabric & Fibre & Floss

classes on anything requiring a needle and a pair of scissors and fibre!

And let’s not forget one of our very favourites! Combat! But how would that fit into A & S?

There are so many talents within this organization and they are very visible on the list fields, too!

The ART of Combat

how to make that small piece of armour, knee and elbow cops, shoulder protection, spaulders/pauldrons; How to do ‘Dishing’; where to start my kit as a beginner; how does one become a Marshall; care of your equipment; battle tactics. You may have the need to practice some Battle Tactics outdoors, too.

A Scriptorium  will also be held, of course!

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