Absolutely no bullying will be tolerated as per our SCA laws.

If you are bringing children, check the SCA rules for necessary paperwork.

Site is DRY.

Camp rules:

There will be few vehicles on site, One for emergencies and one for our caterers. Should you require a vehicle for an emergency, please see either the Autocrat or Co-Autocrat Lysele or Kaolin.

All other vehicles will park in the parking lot.

Vehicles are not to travel on the roadways between the hours of midnight Friday night to 10:00 am Sunday morning.

Vehicles are not permitted on the grass at any time as this may result in damage to septic tanks and drainage beds.

The cutting of trees/vegetation is strictly prohibited.

Groups shall not infringe on other user of the camp and their rented area.

Any damage to building or property will be reported immediately to the Warden/Ranger.

All fires must be in compliance with the standards set out by the Fire Inspection Office. Only the fire pit is permitted to be lit. (and of course, the fireplace in the dining hall).

Our fire pit is encircled with gravel and logs or benches for sitting. Benches must remain in place and not moved closer to the fire.

No combustible material stored within the identified boundary.

Each fire pit area to have a shovel and pail of water at hand. (supplied by Camp Management) NO new fire pits can be built.

All firewood must be supplied by Camp Management. This City requirement is to prevent the introduction of wood to the camp which may contain invasive species.

Note: It is imperative that these procedures are followed for fires at Camp Property as the camp could lose the permit for open fires issued by the City.

Use of profanity or inappropriate language may result in the individual and/or group being asked to leave the camp. (remember, there are children present). Please remember there will be children's groups (scouts) on site as well.

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