Arrival, Departure and Parking

Arrival is not before 8:00 pm Friday, January 17. There are some wonderful restaurants in town if you are early. This is for insurance puposes and must be adhered to please.

Please park in the Loop, empty your gear and passengers and then park in the parking lot. (we'll direct you to the parking lot. It is a 5 minute walk away. In inclement weather, we will try to provide a shuttle service).

Other groups will be using the camp as well, so courtesy in not blocking the road or loop are important as this is where most people would enter the camp. There will be many excited children in the parking lot.

There is limited parking at the building and these will be reserved for 1 emergency vehicle (autocrat), 1 for our cook, 3 for handicapped and 2-3 for Royalty/Barony parking.


You will be given a tag to hang from your mirror to park in this area. Only those with tags may park at the building.

There may be extra parking here and those spaces can be purchased for a compliment to the Kingdom and $5. First come basis only. 

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