Accommations and Prices

Accommodations will be dorm-like beds in Ridley Lodge. There will also be one room where you can bring your own bed. (air mattress). There are some mats.
Pricing includes a snack Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday.
The rooms will fit 16 in each Nettlewing Nest, Misty Borderlands, and Faerchester Lair. 
Cheapside will fit about 10 and accommodations for those that wish to bring their own bed.
Registrations are HIGHLY recommended and can be tentatively held with an email to and firm with payment. Cheques made payable to Ard Chreag.
Upon arrival, you will be given your room and bed #. 

Pricing for bed/bunks

Beds/bunks are $65/weekend and include all meals and coffee/tea/water and juice while it lasts. 

Pricing for Day Trippers

Day Trippers cost is $45/person and includes all meals and coffee/tea/water and juice while it lasts. 

Pricing for Cheapside and Outdoor Tenting

YES!!! We've had enquiries about camping! 

Camping in tents is permitted, however, building a fire pit is not permitted. Indoor facilities are yours to use as well. 

Cheapside is an empty room with carpet. You are welcome to bring an air mattress and sleep on the floor. There will be some mats available.

Cheapside and Camping are $55/weekend and includes all meals and coffee/tea/water and juice while it lasts.

Family Caps

Family Caps:

Day Trippers : 2 adults, 3 children $95

Ridley Lodge - 2 beds, 2 mats on the floor - $180

Cheapside - 2 parents, up to 3 children - $150

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