Blue Dragon Studium is returning this year.... 

Join Panda-Mic in the mystery Dragon Egg raid.

Choose your favorite colour and sit back for a surprise A&S tutorial. 

The Canton of Ardchreag Proudly Presents

Blue Dragon Studium 2021

Saturday February 6, 2021


Registration begins now and continues through December 27th.

Choose the colour of dragon’s egg you would like to hatch and try your hand at an A&S project.  Your mystery kit will be mailed out to you at the beginning of January and will include full instructions along with relevant materials.  Any additional supplies (i.e. common household items) you will need in order to complete the project are listed with the respective dragon’s egg.


Some of the kits are designed to be shared and are marked accordingly.  These are intended to be distributed amongst a canton, household or other such group where the main contact registers on behalf of the participants and delivers the kits to those involved in the project.  (Note: please observe all safety precautions and protocols).  The remainder of the kits are for individuals.


Participants will have a couple of weeks in which to complete their projects.  On Saturday, February 6th each kit creator will hold a 1 hour “Show and Share” session via Zoom.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions, share what you have learned with others and show your handiwork.


So conspire with your canton and choose a shareable kit, or try one of our individual projects on your own.  Supply is limited (one per person please) and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.  Register now to avoid disappointment!

If you miss out on reserving a kit, feel free to join us on the Zoom portion for discussion.

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